Leverage Your Existing Media to Acquire Customer Contact Details



You’ve made significant investments in developing your website and building traffic through SEO or pay-per-click advertising. Doesn’t it make sense to get more out of your website and recoup some of that investment by also capturing customer contact details?


Many customers use the internet to research and learn more about those things their interested in buying. And similarly to visiting your store, the majority of visitors to your website don’t buy anything. Even so, you want to collect their contact details to add them to your marketing database. With this in mind, make email collection a priority by including prominent sign-up opportunities throughout your website for your Loyalty program or newsletter.


If you’re running a competition, create a competition page and a tab in your Menu Bar; and or use Banner Ads throughout your website to direct traffic to your competition home page!


Inbound Callers


How many customers call your shop or Call Centre each day? Regardless of whether a call is for customer service, to make an enquiry or to complete a transaction, each call is an opportunity to collect an email address.


You need to train your staff to capture email addresses with a simple and short script about the special offers and discounts customers receive when providing their email address.


If you’re running a competition, use this as an opportunity to ask callers if they’d like to enter your free draw. All you need is their email address to email them an invitation to enter your competition and while there, they’ll provide the rest of their details too!




If you haven’t created a Referral program you should begin straight away! Aside from growing your marketing database, a Referral program will also generate new customers and revenue in the short term. Word of mouth advertising has long been hailed as the best form of advertising. We all know the reasons why and the benefits associated with Referral programs – so get started now!


A word of caution when acquiring contact details through referral programs!


When acquiring contact details through your referral program you still need to consider don-not-call, privacy and spamming issues of the relevant legislations. When you acquire the contact details of a person provided to you by one of your customers, you have to remember that the person referred hasn’t given you their express consent to contact them.


Just because they were referred to you, doesn’t mean that you can hold their information or contact them by telephone or email. You still need to obtain their permission to engage with them.

Social Media


Acquiring new subscribers through your social networks is one of the best ways to grow your database with like minded potential customers.


If you have a Facebook Fan Page or use Twitter to engage with customers, use these mediums to periodically post an appeal to join your Loyalty program or sign up for your newsletters. You can simply appeal with no incentive or provide a benefit: “Register to receive our newsletter and receive a coupon for XX%!”


If you’re running a competition make a big splash by announcing it through your social media sites and periodically remind your audience about the competition.


Go Viral! Provide another entry into the competition for each person that recommended the competition to a family member or friend who entered the competition.


Direct Mail


If you send direct mail to your customers consider using the P.S. with a message to have them sign up for your Loyalty Program or newsletters. If you’re running a special promotion or competition tell them about it here and provide your website address or a URL for them to enter the contest.


Bill Messages


If you send out invoices to customers simply add a message on the bill or invoice inviting them to sign up for your Loyalty Program, newsletters, a special promotion or competition.


Letterbox Drops


Many retailers use letterbox drops with specific offerings or catalogues in their prime target market area to stimulate in-store traffic and sales. Many find this to be cost effective even though the overwhelming majority of people who receive these offers don’t respond.


Considering your spending the money anyway, why not get more out of your letterbox drops by including an offer to sign up for your Loyalty program or newsletters? Or, if you’re running a free competition draw, why not promote that to grow your database?


SMS Text Messages


With the substantial penetration of mobile phones in Australia, SMS Text Messaging continues to grow each year as a means of stimulating in-store traffic. Depending on your provider, the size of the message and the number of people you contact, text messages can be very inexpensive to deploy.


If you don’t have a customer’s email address, but have their mobile number and their permission to contact them using this number, send them a text message promoting your Loyalty program or free competition draw. Ensure you provide a URL for them to respond to so they can either sign up for your Loyalty program, newsletters or entry your competition.






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