How Effective Are Your Calls To Action?

There is a great article written by Lance Jones over at that gives best practices for writing CTAs that will get you convertible leads.

He proposes a radical re-thinking of your CTAs… not just in their placement on the page, but also in how you think about calls to action in general.

Okay, so what exactly is this radical approach? Well, it’s his transformation of “radical” into “RADical” with this bit of tricky business:

R (Require)
A (Acquire)
D (Desire)

There are 3 things that must occur before anyone will click your CTA:

  1. Visitors must have the information they require before clicking your CTA.
  2. Visitors must be able to easily acquire your CTA.
  3. Visitors must desire whatever is on the other side of your CTA.

Get more here:

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