Have You Used the Google Analytics Service Provider Report? You Should!

The Service Provider Report is a small but significant report in Google Analytics. It’s great for finding sales leads and markets to target, troubleshooting and reviewing cross domain requirements; quite a variety of uses!

Google will never give you the IP address of your users; however, they do report on the Internet Service Provider of your website visitors. This is the name of the Internet provider, which won’t always be the large companies used by people at home – many service providers are named with the business or network.

For example, across various accounts I have access to, I’ve seen traffic from AT&T and Sky, but also providers like New York University, Google Inc., and local hotels, solicitors, and councils. Scrolling down this report can be very enlightening!

There are several other uses that give great insight into businesses looking at your site and who loves your resources. More on that can be found here.

Now that you know all about where your traffic is coming from you can start to do more with the valuable data.

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