Are You Covering the Fundamentals?

No matter the terminology, the point is regardless of the medium or tactic you use, a successful Direct Marketing Campaign needs to cover these basic fundamentals:

» Targeted
A successful campaign is targeted to those who most closely match your most profitable Lifetime Value customer segments, as they have a higher propensity to buy what you’re offering.

» Engaging
The message and communication medium needs to be interesting, relevant and timely to get your prospect’s interest.

» Desirable Offers
The offer needs to provide consumers with a strong value proposition – solve one of their problems, or entice them with something they really want!

» Call to Action
A strong call to action that creates urgency; and allows consumers to use whatever means of communicating with you that they are comfortable with to respond to your offer.

» Measurable
You need to be able to easily track and measure any element of a direct marketing campaign. Track everything to identify any aspect of the campaign you might be able to improve – test different mediums, lists, copy, creative executions, offers and calls to action.

» Test, Test and Test

Don’t just stick with one type of direct marketing campaign because that’s “what we’ve always done and it still works”. Over time most campaigns reach their use-by-date. Always look for other opportunities and test them to see if they are more cost effective than what you’ve become use to doing.

» Cost Effectiveness

At the end of the day, it’s all about making profit, isn’t it?

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