3 Keys for Creating Great Offers

After you’re sure you’ve identified the right target market, the second most important factor in successful direct marketing campaigns is making the best offer.

You need to construct your offers so they get your prospect’s attention. In getting their attention, offers needs to appeal to prospects’ emotionally, and inspire desire; then combined with your call-to-action – motivate them to Act Now!

An offer should provide a solution to solve one of your target customers’ problems, appeal to one of their deep seated needs or entice them with something they really want!

Your offer needs to show real value – something that consumers can easily see as it relates to them! It doesn’t matter a tick if you think your offer is a good deal – it’s not about you!

What matters is that your customer or potential customer thinks it’s a great deal for them. Remember, it’s all about them!

When creating offers in my direct marketing campaigns I always consider these key elements:

Emotion vs. Logic

When we buy things we usually get emotional about the product first, and then find logical reasons why we need that product, don’t we?

Some of you might question this, and if you’re one of them, consider the following scenario.

Let’s say you’ve run out of washing detergent and need to run to the store to get more. When you arrive at the store you notice that they don’t have your particular brand. If you’re like me that, on its own, is enough to start me getting emotional!

In any event, you walk down the aisle and start to look at all the different brands you can buy. And, isn’t it amazing how many different brands there are these days.

You have so much to choose from, but do you just go for the cheapest brand? Not really, unless you’re a confirmed bachelor, on a pension or a university student!

Of course, what most people do is check out the prices and then what it says on each box, or vice versa, before deciding on which brand to buy. Or, if they don’t have much time, pick the pretty package that says it will do the job.

If it comes down to two different brands at the same price – usually, we’ll choose the brand that we feel will do the best job for the money. That’s emotion, not logic, isn’t it?

So, when I say your offer needs to appeal to your prospect emotionally, what I mean is that you need to tug at their heart strings. Massage their ‘hot buttons’. You do this by describing, what your product will do for them, and how much they’ll benefit from it, rather than what it does!

Value vs. Price

Considering all the different mediums advertisers use today, consumers are literally bombarded with thousands of offers every day. Even if we had all the money in the world we couldn’t buy everything – they wouldn’t be enough time!

So, consumers make value judgements when considering those offers that get their attention by weighing them up. Think about it as if a consumer has a weighing scale.

On the one side they consider an offer’s value to them, and on the other side they consider its price. If the value side of the scale is higher than the price size – they’ll buy; if the price side is higher than the value side – they won’t!

When thinking about your offer you should concentrate on what represents value to your customers, not what you think should represent value to them! Put yourself in their shoes and think about their needs and what they want – not your needs and what you want.

The difference between Value and Price is: Value is subjective, it’s personal, and it’s an emotional decision; value is what its worth to them.

Price is simply what they pay for it. The best way to position you’re Offer is by enhancing its Value (through the benefits it provides) and belittling its Price.

Your Offer vs. Competitor’s Offers

None of us have the market all to ourselves. There are others out there we’re competing with for the same consumer dollar. Just like washing detergent, there are other options a consumer can choose from.

With this in mind, you need to ask yourself: Why should a consumer choose you over your competition?

You need to think about what you’re offering that’s – different, better or has more emotional appeal than your competitor. You need to consider what your product or service will provide that will make the consumer’s life easier or more enjoyable than what your competitor has to offer.

To sum up, you need to get your prospects attention and inspire them to contact you straight away. The best ways to do this is with an offer that appeals to them emotional, represents real value to them and is a better deal than what your competitors are offering!

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