Here’s How To Build Trust Through Engagement

This new online lead generation process involves building trust one step at a time.

Looking for a new lead generation process to boost the growth and profitability of your firm? There is a whole new model that is revolutionizing the way professional services firms find new clients. To understand how it works, check out this latest infographic from our studio.

Trust is still important. But these days it isn’t built on a golf course or through personal referrals.

It’s also being built by engaging potential clients online. Busy executives want answers, and they want them now. They want to be educated on the issues and possible solutions. And they don’t want to waste precious time.

Infographic courtesy of Hinge Marketing.

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Have You Used the Google Analytics Service Provider Report? You Should!

The Service Provider Report is a small but significant report in Google Analytics. It’s great for finding sales leads and markets to target, troubleshooting and reviewing cross domain requirements; quite a variety of uses!

Google will never give you the IP address of your users; however, they do report on the Internet Service Provider of your website visitors. This is the name of the Internet provider, which won’t always be the large companies used by people at home – many service providers are named with the business or network.

For example, across various accounts I have access to, I’ve seen traffic from AT&T and Sky, but also providers like New York University, Google Inc., and local hotels, solicitors, and councils. Scrolling down this report can be very enlightening!

There are several other uses that give great insight into businesses looking at your site and who loves your resources. More on that can be found here.

Now that you know all about where your traffic is coming from you can start to do more with the valuable data.

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Here’s How To Use Content Marketing For Lead Generation

Content marketing’s star continues to rise in its role as a key tactic for lead generation. B2B businesses need to address the increasing importance of content marketing according to just-released research from well respected MarketingProfs and the Content Marketing Institute.

  • Content marketing usage rates are up from last year.
  • Marketers with a documented content strategy are having the greatest success.
  • For those firms who describe themselves as effective content marketers 86% of them had someone who oversees content marketing strategy.
  • Spending on content marketing averages 30% of the marketing budget.
  • 58% of marketers plan to spend more on content marketing in 2014.
  • 74% of B2B firms use content marketing for lead generation, but the number one goal for content marketing is increasing brand awareness at 82%.
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B2B Lead Generation: What Do Marketers Want?

Most pay-per-lead B2B marketers (51%) say knowing a buyer’s purchasing time horizon is the most important data point they want but often don’t get, according to a recent report by

The size of the buyer’s business, as measured by employee base, is the second most valuable additional data point for leads: 31% of marketers say it would be extremely valuable to know.

That’s followed by industry type (29% say it would be extremely valuable) and job title (20%).

Read more:

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Here’s How Content Fuels Your Marketing

From SEO to content, it is important to track all of your marketing channels and see which are profitable and which need optimising and the easiest way to do this is by using the marketing funnel. Make sure you are no leaking potential leads by ensuring a lead nurturing programme and use your social media platforms to help your content go viral!

Our thanks to Jonathan Kemp.

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Here’s How To Optimise Your Landing Pages

From our friends at Formstack:

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How Effective Are Your Calls To Action?

There is a great article written by Lance Jones over at that gives best practices for writing CTAs that will get you convertible leads.

He proposes a radical re-thinking of your CTAs… not just in their placement on the page, but also in how you think about calls to action in general.

Okay, so what exactly is this radical approach? Well, it’s his transformation of “radical” into “RADical” with this bit of tricky business:

R (Require)
A (Acquire)
D (Desire)

There are 3 things that must occur before anyone will click your CTA:

  1. Visitors must have the information they require before clicking your CTA.
  2. Visitors must be able to easily acquire your CTA.
  3. Visitors must desire whatever is on the other side of your CTA.

Get more here:

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The Role of Color in Marketing

Use the right colors to increase brand recognition and drive purchasing.

It’s more important than ever for brands to project their value. Marketers in general understand the need for consistency in color and design. But it’s also vital to move beyond the standard logo and tagline and take a holistic approach to evoking emotions among potential customers across all of your marketing channels — including social media sites. You can use color to your advantage & this chart illustrates the choices big brands are making:

Read more:

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Where Do Marketers Get Their Leads?

Our friends over at HubSpot recently released their 2013 State of Inbound Marketing Report and there was some enlightening data illustrating not just where customers come from but more importantly where the leads that turn them into leads comes from.

Lead Generation & Budget By Mode of Business


Lead Generation & Budget By Company Size


Lead Generation & Budget By Industry


Lead Generation & Budget By Location


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How Are You Using In-Store Incentives To Grow Your Database?

Marc Carriere discusses here some of the factors that can lead to a successful and targeted marketing strategy.

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